Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"Judy writes with love and a sense of humor as she describes life with not one but two autistic children! A calming read for parents or family members who are dealing with the uncertainty that a diagnosis of autism brings."

Dana Tyson
Sunny 99.1 Morning Show

"Judy made this unfortunate condition come alive and personal for each of us. We thank her very much for raising our awareness of autism in such a wonderful way."

Ralph Reed
President Houston Downtown Lions Club
"Parents aren't given a manual, and often they are blindsided by their children's special needs. So, imagine being faced with multiple behaviors you didn't even know had a name. Double that if both your children exhibit behaviors that are isolating, frightening and unpredictable. Writing in an informal, heart-to-heart style, first-time author and two-time parent Judy Blake will make you feel like you are warming a couch together, as you hear her very detailed accounts of discovering the many layers of autism manifested by her precious sons, now ages 19 and 16. Always searching for answers, Blake will provide readers with assurances, hope and laughter along the way. An experiential manual for living with special needs children!"

Vicki Samuels Levy
Co-owner, President of Jewish Herald-Voice

"Judy's World" captured my heart as I laughed and cried along with Blake. She brings the reader into her world on an intimate level by sharing her experiences, struggles , hopes and fears. in an easy to read style. This book will open your eyes to the reality of autism and offers comfort to those who have family members with special needs. I look forward to reading more of Blake's works."

Rabbi Dovid Goldstein
Director of The Friendship Circle of Houston

"My son just turned 2 and, after reading your book, I believe he is most likely PDD. Initially I was hoping against hope that he was just developmentally delayed, but I think it's more than that after seeing all of your examples. The good news is that I am so inspired by how your son Jason has turned out. What an amazing young man. It gives me a lot of hope to hear your story and to know how things can be. I realize now that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but your book has helped me tremendously know how to act, what to stress, what to repeat over and over, etc. My son has speech therapy through ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) of Harris County, and we have seen tremendous improvement over the past 4 months. He is really coming along. It is so true that the earlier the intervention, the better. For now he is also in a Montessori school where he is progressing and improving, especially in the sensory area. The other day he actually ate a banana (a wet food)!

Thank you for writing such a great book. It gives me hope, and I know it took a lot of courage for you to write it. There is truly a need for this, especially for all of the mothers out there!"

Houston mom

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