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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Book Judy as a Speaker

Sharing her message for the last ten years, Judy speaks to a wide array of groups.  Business and Professional groups, community groups, religious institutions and schools – we all encounter someone with special needs.  This could be your client, colleague, fellow congregant, student or family member.    

Living in Houston, Judy has been speaking to students, community groups and teachers for over 10 years. She pursues every opportunity to speak to audiences of all ages about people with disabilities that you cannot see. Her goal is to raise awareness and educate people across the country about Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder.

It is clear that her compassion comes from the heart and she truly wants to make a difference about the perception people have about those with hidden disabilities. People who are different than the rest of us should not be thought of as less than equal. Everyone has something to offer and each person’s life has purpose and meaning.

Special Needs in the Workplace:  Why You Should CareTeaching compassion, tolerance, and understanding for coworkers that are an asset to the company but might act differently.

Autism, Anxiety and OCD:  How they affect you These are hidden disabilities that are all around us.  Learn how to be more tolerant and understanding.

Understanding Those with Hidden Disabilities - Your Work, Your Family and Your Community You probably don’t realize that those who act differently might have a hidden special need.  Learn to be more compassionate and understand that someone can still be accepted even though they may be different.

Judy travels around the country to share her message of hope, compassion and awareness.

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