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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


  • Autism - how does it affect you?  Why should you care?
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Do you really understand how someone copes with OCD?
  • ADHD - take it seriously!  It's not an excuse!
  • Anxiety disorders - So you think someone is overreacting?  Think again!
  • Tourette Syndrome - the child is looking for attention or trying to annoy you?  Not a chance!
  • Employees in the workplace - valuable to the company but are they appreciated? 
Judy Blake understands all of these disorders and more!  Raising her two sons, now 22 and 18, she explains why understanding hidden special needs is important to all of us.  Your company, community, school or place of worship - we've all encountered someone with special needs we can't see.

Different does not mean less than!  Tolerance, compassion and understanding for those who appear typical on the outside but are different on the inside - Welcome to Judy's World!

Purchase her book!  Understand a world you need to know about!

Looking for a speaker who doesn't just talk the talk?  She's walked the walk every day for over 20 years!  Presentations are customized for each group - corporations, students, schools and your community.  Sixth graders to grandparents - her insight and compassion will open your eyes and educate you about a world we all should know!

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